What is CBD?: A Beginners Guide

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So What is CBD?

If you follow any of the main news you will probably have heard about CBD, and it’s popularity in the United Kingdom (UK) among people of all ages using CBD oil.

According to a recent study, and estimated 1.6 million people in the UK now consume CBD oil on a regular basis. A similar report forecasts the UK CBD market to grow 7 time larger than it currently is by 2021, with an estimated value of £1.1 billion.

So, what exactly is CBD oil? CBD, also know as cannabidiol, is 1 of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Unlike it’s psychoactive cousin, THC, CBD cannot get you ‘high’.

CBD is believed to offer a wide range of wellbeing and health benefits, the vast majority of which are supported by a growing amount of scientific research.

CBD oil is made through an extraction process of the hemp plant. Usually CBD is sold as an oral tincture of vape e-liquid but can also be ingested through the skin and stomach via skincare and edible products respectively.

Learn more below about CBD, as well as how it is typically used as a treatment for a variety of ailments. In addition we will look at the most popular forms of CBD oil that are available on our website today, from CBD oil tinctures to vape oil, dummies, capsules, skincare, edibles and more.

The Basics of CBD Oil and Cannabidiol

CBD oil contains cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD oil is made through an extraction process of the hemp plant, then processing it into usable oil with varying CBD strengths available. Typically you’ll find 2 types of CBD oil:

– Whole plant, or “full spectrum” extract. This method makes an oil that contains a range of cannabinoids as well as CBD. “Full spectrum” CBD oil also contains terpenes, which research suggests can help boost the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD through the entourage effect.
With the addition of terpenes, these products are seen as more effective forms of CBD for treating inflammation. Full spectrum CBD products can contain traces amounts of THC, although the total amount is to low to get ‘high’.

– CBD isolate. Oils labeled as containing CBD isolate contain pure CBD with no other cannabinoids or terpenes. CBD isolate products contain zero THC and will state this on the packaging.

As this form of CBD contains non of the naturally-occurring terpenes that can be found in the hemp plant, it is not as popular as other full spectrum CBD products. If you are concerned about THC in a product, perhaps due to THC-based drug testing, CBD isolate products are ideal.

There a number of different methods used to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. Typically CBD oil is extracted via ethanol extraction, which involves ethanol-based solvents to extract the required oil.

Another popular method of extraction is via fluid CO2 extraction. This method is preferred for large-scale production of high quality CBD oil. Often, CO2 extraction is listed as a feature of high quality, higher priced CBD products.

What is CBD Oil Used For?

Research into the use of CBD as a treatment is still in its infancy, the data currently available suggest that CBD may have a wide range of positive health and wellbeing benefits.

CBD has been linked to pain relief, making it a potential treatment for chronic pain among other conditions such as anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions.

In additional, CBD has been show to improve sleep and is used as a natural treatment for conditions such as insomnia. CBD is also being studied for acne, cardiovascular conditions, body composition, substance abuse recovery and more.

We hope that explains “What is CBD?”.

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